Middle Grades Ballet

Middle Grades Ballet
Grades 1 - 3 Ballet

The new Grades 1-3 aims to encourage the development of technique relevant for the ballet world of today. The new syllabus identifies the necessary skills that underpin secure technique, such as core stability, weight placement, turnout and line, while continuing to encourage musicality, artistry and dynamics.

Children are also introduced to Character dancing as part of the syllabus including folk dance styles from across Europe which are often seen in traditional classical ballets.

We have found that both our students and staff really enjoy the creativity and challenge of this new work. 

Read more about the launch of the new syllabus for Grades 1-3...

New Grades 1-3 DVD clip from RAD.


Grades 4 and 5

In these grades, the technique, steps and routines are more challenging for young dancers. The classes are also ideal for beginners in their teens or as extra training for students studying NPA, Int 2 or Higher Dance Practice at their local High School, particularly for the Ballet Unit. We welcome High School students of all abilities

We encourage our students to regularly attend more than one class each week as the standards set by the RAD are very high. Students in these grades can audition for our Majors Programme for talented dancers. 

Please contact us for more information about our ballet classes.



We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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