Ballet performance at 'Go Dance 13'

Ballet performance at 'Go Dance 13'

Go Dance is Scotland's ultimate annual dance festival involving community dancers from of all ages and abilties. 

More than 1,000 dancers of all ages performed a rich mix of work from hip-hop to ballet, contemporary to jazz as part of the week-long performances. We were delighted to have been invited to perform for the seventh consecutive year. 

The Majors ballet students performed a short adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" which had premiered at our 2012 dance display. This version had fewer performers, was 8 minutes shorter and had a new set of principal dancers... Rehearsals were a bit frantic! Included in the cast of 45 dancers were 6 little sisters who were cast as wolves with former principals Hayley Fleming and Kristina Lowe being allowed to reprise their roles of Belle and Beast by kind permission of 'Dance for All' college and former students Adele Cook and Rosie Walker returning to dance their roles of Lumiere and Mrs Potts.

The principal cast was:

  • Belle - Hayley Fleming / Beast - Kristina Lowe
  • Gaston - Christina McCall / Le Fou - Nicola Thomson
  • Father - Andrew Halliday / Cogsworth - Brooke Lipski
  • Lumiere - Rosie Walker / Mrs Potts - Adele Cook
  • Chip - Lucy Hutton / Babette - Chloe Dickson
  • Rose - Iana Phillips

Many thanks to former student Paul Howard for coming to help as a chaperone (pictured above with the principal dancers). Paul is now training full-time in ballet at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Also thanks to Fiona Phillips and Shona McCall for their hard work as chaperones.

Unfortunately we do not have a video recording to share but look forward to receiving our professional photos soon!


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