Dance displays... what did you think?

Dance displays... what did you think?

Involving almost 700 young dancers over 6 sell-out performances, our "Blast from the Past" shows were superb. We have already had lots of positive feedback from students and parents...

"Well done, another amazing CSBS show! Well done & a huge thank you to all the teachers, you all do an amazing job & must have the patience of a saint! Charley & Erin had an absolute ball! Thanks again!" (Parent of pre-schoolers)

"Was fantastic, well done to all staff and pupils for such an entertaining and professional show. Wizard of Oz was magical!" (Carla Duggan, Principal: Dance Connections)

 "Fantastic shows, little stars definitely shone but also a huge thank u to staff of CSBS as the shows would not have been possible without them so thank u guys x x...full steam ahead for next year!" (Parent of Senior student)

Tell us what you think...

Your feedback is very important to us. Please add your comments to the books at each venue. We love to read all the lovely positive stories, and the constructive comments help us to improve our displays each year, for example:

In 2009 some people said, "The younger children get bored backstage in the second half"... The junior dances were always in the first half so that they could leave at interval if necessary, but we moved some of the Junior dances into the second half and it has been very successful.

Last year some people said, "The changes between dances were too short. It was stressful backstage"... We tried to arrange the programme so that each class had more time to change. The quick change areas have allocated helpers throughout the shows.

Last year some people said, "The changing rooms were too full" and "There was no communication and no-one knew where to go"... Although we always prepare and display plans and notices in advance and speak to parents, we made a greater effort to display signage backstage and in the theatre. We had more staff in Junior changing areas as well as registers for pre-school children. We brought more children downstairs into the communal changing area to give Seniors more space, and provided additional changing space for boys and pre-school dancers. The changing areas will always be very busy.

Last year someone said, "It was ridiculous that dads were asked to leave the changing area..."... We also received many complaints that dads were in the changing area. The communal changing area has a wide age range and unfortunately, it is not considered appropriate for men to help in this area. Any dads who arrived to help their child backstage were allowed to change them in the pre-school area which was also supervised by CSBS staff. We value the help of all parents backstage.

Thank you...

Many thanks to all the parents, ex-students and Senior students who gave up their time to help backstage. With special thanks to those who helped at every branch display: Fiona Phillips, Margaret Walker, Emma Brown, Laura McEwan, Jennifer Lipski, Audrey Cook, Dianne Lowe, Amanda Moir, Sandra Bain, Jo Bowley, Alison Bryson, Sharon Rutherford, Linda Buckie (and any I've missed!?!?!).



We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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