Excellent ballet exam results...!

Excellent ballet exam results...!

Congratulations to all our students who recently sat RAD ballet exams; the results are now in and everyone passed with very high marks!

Outstanding ballet results

Ninety students sat graded ballet exams, gaining 51 Merit and 39 Distinction. Two little budding ballerinas gained their Pre-Primary Class Award while, of the 14 children sitting the Primary Grade exam, 7 were awarded a silver medal (Merit) and 7 were awarded gold (Distinction).

Special congratulations to Emma Buckie (17) who gained her Grade 8 Award with Distinction.

Top marks...

We are very proud of all our students, but have an extra 'well done' to the students who were awarded over 80% for their performances:

  • GRADE 3 - Lucy Hutton 85%
  • GRADE 4 - Alisa Robertson 86% / Alix Cooper 86%  / Catriona McAndrew 90% / Catriona Kemp 90% / Sarah MacNeill 85%
  • GRADE 5 - Chloe Coyle 85% / Dayna Lipski 87% / Nichole Cook 82%
  • GRADE 6 - Chloe Dickson 80%
  • GRADE 7 - Hayley Fleming 87%
  • PRIMARY - Amy Anderson 82% / Robyn Byrne 88% / Ellie Young 93%
Vocational ballet exams

These exams are more demanding and challenging than the graded syllabus. Well done to the girls for their excellent results:

  • Intermediate Foundation: Jenna Davidson / Eva Dickson (Merit)
  • Intermediate: Chloe Dickson (Merit) / Annie Gaffney (Merit) / Christina McCall (Merit)
  • Advanced Foundation: Anna Fulton (Merit) / Emma Buckie (Merit) / Jemma Sneddon (Merit) / Paige Lipski (Merit)

Well done to everyone for your hard work and effort.

We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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