New ballet syllabus launched

New ballet syllabus launched

On 3 January 2012, the Royal Academy of Dance launched the new Grades 1-3 syllabi in London.

CSBS teacher, Amanda-Louise Clark attended the launch with over 500 UK delegates at the Mermaid Conference & Events Centre in London.

Dance for the child

RAD Artistic Director Lynn Wallis highlighted the importance of the syllabi as being relevant to the child of today and RAD Music Development Manager Jonathan Still spoke of the inspiration behind the music and the excitment of recording the score using a full orchestra!

A range of exercises from the syllabi were demonstrated by young students and Paula Hunt, Chair of the Panel of Examiners explained the creativity and musicality underpinning the choreography and key assessment features for each exercise. It was very evident that it will effectively progress and develop skills from the Pre-Primary and Primary grades and build up toward the new Vocational Grades launched in 2011.

Introducing the new syllabus in our own timetable

Students already in Grades 1-3 will be completing their study of the old syllabus in order to achieve their examination by November 2012. The new Grades 1-3 syllabus will be gradually introduced at different levels across each branch from January 2012 - which means that some students may spend a little longer than usual at a certain level due to the change over period.

Our staff will be attending intensive training courses in February, April and July to learn the new syllabus. It looks like lots of fun but even more hard work!


New Grades 1-3 DVD clip from RAD on Vimeo.

Photo: RAD Enterprises Ltd.


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A range of venues

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