Results from our Spring Exam session

Results from our Spring Exam session

Huge congratulations to all our 410 Spring exam candidates on their excellent results!

With a record number of candidates and a combination of both live and filmed exams with 4 different exam boards, it was an incredible effort to get through the 8 days of assessments and the vast amount of paperwork and video footage. We are extremely proud of our candidates and their teachers!

RAD Ballet exams and CSBS Class Tests

Thirty Pre-Primary Grade dancers sat a CSBS class test for ballet and gained excellent reports. They were delighted to receive their reports, certificates and medals in class! We had 125 candidates for ballet exams and awards with the Royal Academy of Dance. These exams have a challengingly high standard and we are delighted that everyone passed! The RAD have introduced new banding for results, Pass-Merit-High Merit-Distinction-High Distinction. The medals, certificates and reports will hopefully arrive before we break for the summer!

The overall results were:

  • 19 gaining their RAD Class Award
  • 27 Merit
  • 50 High Merit
  • 21 Distinction
  • 8 High Distinction

Extra congratulations to those candidates gaining over 80% for their examination:

  • Grade 2: Charlie Fleming 83%
  • Grade 2 SPA: Charlie Fleming 90%
  • Grade 3: Rachel Higgins 81%; Heidi Russell 86%; 
  • Grade 3 SPA: Georgia Rosenfeld 86%; Heidi Russell 89%
  • Grade 5 SPA: Emily Paton 87%; Ellie Withnell 80%
  • Grade 6: Emily Paton 83%
  • Grade 7: Ailish Ogilvie 86%; Anna Bremner 85%
  • Intermediate: Jill Russell 87%
  • Advanced: Anna Bremner 82%
IDTA Tap exams and Rosette Awards

We are very excited to have received the results from our 2nd ever session of IDTA exams where we were able to give our recreational jazz and tap students, and our younger dancers the opportunity to sit StarDance Awards and Rosette Awards. These awards are pass/fail and everyone passed with 39 gaining their StarDance Award in tap, and 91 different rosettes being gained in ballet and tap! They will received certificates, trophies and rosettes in class soon!

We also had graded tap exams with excellent results, gaining 3 Pass, 12 Merit, and 10 Distinctions overall plus the Silver medal candidates gaining 2 Highly Commended and 6 Honours.

Distinction/Honours is awarded for over 85%, so excellent effort and congratulations to:

  • Grade 2: Lucy Allan 85%; Abigail Ponton 87%; Heidi Russell 88%; Freya Jones 85%; Rachel Higgins 87%; Charlie Fleming 90%
  • Grade 3: Rachel Dagger 85%; Lawrence Bremner 87%; Eva Inglis 85%; Violet Beattie 87%
  • Silver Medal: Anna Bremner 85%; Ailish Ogilvie 87%; Ailey Meikle 88%; Megan Richards 86%; Hannah Firth 88%; April Beattie 90%
ISTD Tap exams

Only our Senior graded tap students follow the ISTD syllabus and we are delighted that our two Grade 6 candidates this session both gained Distinction! Many congratulations to April Beattie (87%) and Hannah Firth (83%) on their excellent results!

BATD Acrobatics Exams and Awards

We had an incredible 103 acrobatics candidates this session from the little First Steps right up to the highest level, Premiere Award. Overall, the dancers gained 2 Pass Plus; 19 Commended; and 82 Highly Commended, the highest band for these exams! The reports, certificates and medals have been presented in class time.

A special congratulations to Ailey Meikle and Rachel Sneddon for gaining their Premiere Award with Highly Commended. Outstanding achievement!

There are no points awarded in these exams, the candidates receive a written report, however the examiner selected 4 dancers as the "most promising" in the session, and they were Charlie Fleming (Bronze), Ailey Meikle (Premiere Award), Lawrence Bremner (Gold) and Hannah Firth (British Medallion). You can read more about their awards here.

Please take a look through our gallery of exam awards being presented... more photos will be added as we receive the rest of the awards!


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