Spring exam results 2018

Spring exam results 2018

Huge congratulations to the dancers and their teachers for another excellent set of exam results!

RAD Ballet exam results

Overall we had 51 candidates gain Merit, 22 gain Distinction, and 23 gain their Class Award at Pre-Primary and Grades 1 and 5. The examiner marked noticeably harder than those from our last few sessions, but still many of the Merit grades were still only 2-3 points away from a Distinction! 

We have a special mention for the students who gained over 80% for their Distinctions. Given the tighter marking, this was quite an achievement!

  • Grade 4: Ailey Meikle 83%
  • Grade 6: Katy Russell 86%
  • Inter Foundation: Ailish Ogilvie 83%

Congratulations to the 14 students who gained their Vocational exams at Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels with 12 high Merits and 2 Distinctions.

ISTD Tap Exams

We had 44 candidates enter for their graded tap exams from Primary to Grade 6 levels. We have been working hard to improve our exam results in tap and the results are much higher this session! Overall, the students were awarded 19 Merits and 25 Distinctions! Special mention to the students gaining over 80%...

  • Primary Grade: Lucy Allan 82%, Hannah McNeilly 80%, Lexi Brash 80%, Anna Rankin 82%, Lisa McNair 86%, Amanda Slater 84%, Cleo Brown 81%, Niamh McDonald 88%, Abigail Ponton 80%, Laura Taylor 86%
  • Grade 1: Daisy Lawson 80%, Violet Beattie 84%, Katie Cumming 80%, Sienna Brown 86%, Imogen Casely 86%
  • Grade 2: Emily Marsh 87%
  • Grade 3: April Beattie 84%, Sarah Parker 83%, Ailish Ogilvie 87%, Scarlett Boath 81%, Anna Bremner 80%
  • Grade 4: Catherine Bain 83%, Kara Russell 83%
  • Grade 6: Katie Morley 87%, Adela Mayers 80%
BATD Acrobatics results

The acrobatics syllabus has a different marking scheme without a points system. The highest band is "Highly Commended" preceded by Commended, Pass Plus, and Pass. Overall 70 students gained Highly Commended, 26 gained Commended, and 1 gained Pass Plus. A special congratulations to all the First Steps candidates gaining top marks for their first acro exam, and to the Pre-Bronze students who all achieved excellent marks for the newly revised and challenging grade. the following dancers also successfully gained their British Award in acrobatics:

  • Hazel McNeill (HC)
  • Sarah Firth (HC)
  • Katy McGonigal (C)
  • Cara Robertson (HC)
  • Erin McGuirk (HC)

As there is not a points system, the examiner selected students for a new CSBS award for 'the acro dancers with the most potential'. She selected those who she thought had particularly shone in their examination. The winners will be presented with a trophy and certificates in class alongside the examination medals and certificates... watch this space!

You can view a full gallery of photos of all our dance exam candidates on our CSBS Facebook page

If you have not yet received your ballet, tap or acrobatics exam results, please contact us! The certificates, reports and medals should arrive mid-May and will be distributed in class time. We are now preparing for our dance display AND a summer exam session! 

We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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