WW1 Centenary Concert

WW1 Centenary Concert

We were honoured to be invited to perform in a special concert commemorating 100 years since the armistice of WW1.

The concert was organised by Falkirk District Arts and Civic Council and brought together arts groups from across the region with performances in music, spoken word, poetry, drama, and dance.

CSBS teacher Amanda worked with a group of 18 dancers over 4 rehearsals to create a unique contemporary dance piece for the event. Firstly, the dancers had a contemporary dance workshop to introduce them to the style and new movement ideas before learning about the history of World War 1. Together they created an 8 minute piece entitled "Remembered".

The dance piece was in 4 clear sections:

  • "Homeland" - The first section illustrated peaceful village life showing fun and friendships with inspiration from a folk dance. It ends with the hope and determination of the young men heading to a war which they are told will be over by Christmas.
  • "Truce" - The second section begins with wfighting ffrom the trenches before the famous Christmas Truce is declared and the soldiers dance together in the mud, learning about each other. The truce ends and they return to their trenches becoming enemies once again.
  • "War" - The third section shows the chaos and terror of war with lots of noise and panic. It moves into a section which shows the soldiers 'going over the top' and falling in no man's land.
  • "Remember" - Our final section is full of hope as we remember those fallen soldiers with our poppies and look forward to a brighter future in the youth of today who carry on 'remembering'.

Many congratulations to the dancers who worked extremely hard to master the new dance style and fully understand the theme they were portraying. They performed with compassion and understanding of the difficult subject. They received a huge and well deserved applause after their performance and the feedback from the audience was incredible!

Please take the time to watch their performance here, although it had much more impact live. Well done everyone! 

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