CSBS online dance information

CSBS online dance information

Information about CSBS online dance classes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the closure of community and leisure facilities and government directives to maintain social distance, we have had to suspend our regular dance classes. You can read more and listen to our announcement here.

During the closure, we hope to provide a wide range of activities for our dance students using online platforms, including practice videos and interactive dance lessons. We will keep this page updated with links to our own video materials, third party lessons, and a schedule of live lessons which you may need to log into in order to participate. There are many online dance resources and lessons, and we remind parents to help ensure their child's online and physical safety by following some simple guidelines: View a copy of our recommendations to stay safe using online dance lessons.

CSBS YouTube channel

We already have a successful YouTube channel which has a wide range of videos from events, performances, classes and exam preparation. We have been filming and adding more content to ensure students have the resources for home practice and will keep updating with more tutorials and lessons over the coming weeks. These videos are Public and accessible at any time from your device or smart TV.


Schedule of online classes

Please see below for a schedule of online classes with times, links and Zoom password. This will be updated regularly. We have established a library of pre-recorded content on our YouTube channel which can be used as a practice aid. 

* CLICK HERE TO ACCESS LINKS FOR ALL PREVIOUS VIDEOS (including ballet, tap, jazz, cheer, commercial, Preschool, Yoga, Strictly) *

See below for our dance class schedule for Term 4 (Monday 11 May - Saturday 20 June 2020). Download a copy of the timetable for reference here (doesn't include links/password) NOTE: From w/c 1 June, Rise and Shine will only run Live on  Monday-Wednesday-Friday in a change to the published programme.


Class / video description


Password 319219

Rise and Shine: Dance inspired exercise MONDAYS 9-9.30am CSBS YouTube Live
PRE-PRIMARY Ballet and Tap (P1-2) MONDAYS 3-3.40pm Zoom live - join here 2.55pm
PRIMARY GRADE Ballet and tap (P3-4) MONDAYS 3.45-4.30pm Zoom live - join here 3.40pm
GRADE 1 BALLET MONDAYS 4.40-5.20pm Zoom live - join here 4.35pm
GRADE 1 TAP (or Novice levels) MONDAYS 5.30-6pm Zoom live - join here 5.25pm
BRONZE-SILVER ACRO (P5+) MONDAYS 6.10-6.55pm Zoom live - join here 6.05pm
GOLD+ ACRO MONDAYS 7-7.45pm Zoom live - join here 6.55pm
Rise and Shine: Dance inspired exercise (use recording) CSBS YouTube channel 
ADULT BALLET: Beginner/Improver TUESDAYS 10-11am Zoom live - join here 9.55am
GRADE 2 BALLET TUESDAYS 3-3.40pm Zoom live - join here 2.55pm
GRADE 2 TAP (or Youth levels) TUESDAYS 3.50-4.20pm Zoom live - join here 3.45pm
GRADE 3 BALLET TUESDAYS 4.30-5.10pm Zoom live - join here 4.25pm
GRADE 3 TAP (or Youth-Senior level) TUESDAYS 5.20-5.50pm Zoom live - join here 5.15pm
COMMERCIAL / HIP-HOP TUESDAYS 6-6.45pm Zoom live - join here 5.55pm
Rise and Shine: Dance inspired exercise WEDNESDAYS 9-9.30am CSBS YouTube Live
PRESCHOOL BALLET (age 3-5) WEDNESDAYS 10-10.40am Zoom live - join here 9.55am
Mid-week Desk Stretch WEDNESDAYS 12.15-12.30pm CSBS Facebook live
GRADE 4 BALLET WEDNESDAYS 3.30-4.15pm Zoom live - join here 3.25pm
GRADE 6 BALLET WEDNESDAYS 4.25-5.10pm Zoom live - join here 4.20pm
POINTE (Inter+) WEDNESDAYS 5.15-5.45pm Zoom live - join here 5.10pm
GRADES 7-8 BALLET WEDNESDAYS 5.50-6.40pm Zoom live - join here 5.45pm
Introducing Masterclass: Guest tutor WEDNESDAYS 7-8pm Zoom live - join here 6.55pm
Rise and Shine: Dance inspired exercise (use recording) CSBS YouTube Channel
MAJORS: Inter. Foundation level THURSDAYS 3-4.15pm Zoom live - join here 2.55pm
MAJORS: Intermediate-Advanced THURSDAYS 4.30-6pm Zoom live - join here 4.25pm
ELITE DANCE TEAMS THURSDAYS 6.30-7.30pm Zoom live - join here 6.25pm

Rise and Shine: Dance inspired exercise

FRIDAYS 9-9.30am CSBS YouTube Live
TEENY-JUNIOR JAZZ (age 3-P2) FRIDAYS 2.15-2.50pm Zoom live - join here 2.10pm
NOVICE JAZZ (P3-6) FRIDAYS 3-3.40pm Zoom live - join here 2.55pm
YOUTH-SENIOR 1A JAZZ (P7+) FRIDAYS 3.50-4.35pm Zoom live - join here 3.45pm
GRADE 5 BALLET FRIDAYS 4.45-5.30pm Zoom live - join here 4.40pm
POINTE (G4-IF) FRIDAYS 5.35-5.55pm Zoom live - join here 5.30pm
SENIOR TAP FRIDAYS 6-6.30pm Zoom live - join here 5.55pm
SENIOR JAZZ (Grade 5+) FRIDAYS 6.35-7.20pm Zoom live - join here 6.30pm
PRESCHOOL BALLET (age 3-5) SATURDAYS 9.15-9.50am Zoom live - join here 9.10am
FIRST STEPS ACRO (P1-2) SATURDAYS 10-10.30am Zoom live - join here 9.55am
PRE-BRONZE ACRO (P3-4) SATURDAYS 10.40-11.15am Zoom live - join here 10.35
MUSICAL THEATRE (all levels) SATURDAYS 11.25-12.05pm Zoom live - join here 11.20
MINI CHEER (age 6-9) SATURDAYS 9.40-10.20am Zoom live - join here 9.35am
YOUTH-JUNIOR CHEER (age 9+) SATURDAYS 10.30-11.15am Zoom live - join here 10.30am
YOUTUBE PREMIERE: CSBS perform SATURDAYS 7pm from 23 May CSBS YouTube channel
Additional workshops tbc SUNDAYS tbc  
Downloadable activities

Below are links to download worksheets and activities for all ages. Again, this will be added to regularly, so check back for details! 



We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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