Dancers perform in Festival of Remembrance

Dancers perform in Festival of Remembrance

We were honoured to be invited to perform at the 2019 Falkirk Festival of Remembrance.

Nineteen of our Majors students volunteered to take part in the event at Falkirk Town Hall and prepared 2 unique dance pieces as part of the entertainment. They had 2 rehearsals in the October break and another 2 before the performance.

The first piece was based on traditional playground games and swa the dancers hopscotch, play tig, hide and seek, and hand clapping. It was great fun and brought smiles to the audience.

Our second piece was devised especially for the event. Teacher Amanda worked with the dancers to conisder the impact of war on civilians and together they created a piece called "Brave" which reflected the experience of refugees. The routine showed families being torn apart, loss at sea, hope and despair. It was very emotional for both the dancers and the audience and we received great feedback. We also welcomed 4 little dancers to join the routine to make up our 'families'; many thanks to Charlie Fleming, Harry Fleming, Roan Ogilvie and Heidi Russell for their own excellent performances! Special thanks too to Gary Laing, the technical manager at FTH, for taking time to plot our lighting; it really added to the impact of both numbers.

You can view informal photos taken from the wings during the performance on our CSBS Facebook page. Many thanks to Cameron from Leask Photography for taking photos of our perfromance. You can view the gallery of performance photos here.

Watch a recording of "Brave" on our YouTube channel below...

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