Exceptional exam effort

Exceptional exam effort

We are delighted to have received the results for our rescheduled exam session...

All of our 90 candidates passed their ballet examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance from Pre-Primary right up to Grade 8 level while another 63 chose not to sit their exam. This is a particularly outstanding result given that the exams had been cancelled during our Spring Exam week in March and postponed until indoor activity was again permitted in September-October. The exams were filmed and the recordings assessed by an RAD examiner. Read more about out first virtual exam session here.

Strong results

Overall, the results were strong, especially considering the extraordinary circumstances. We had 22 little dancers gain their Pre-Primary Class Award, 4 gain Primary Class Award, and 3 gaining their Grade 2 Class Award. In addition, there were a total of 1 Pass, 38 Merit, and 22 Distinction across the grades.

A special congratulations to those dancers who gained over 80% for their exam, which is quite remarkable this session!

  • Primary: Remy Carnegie 81%
  • Grade 2: Elsa Murphy Heeley 86%
  • Grade 3: Eva Inglis 80%, Jill Russell 92%
  • Grade 5: Hannah Firth 81%, Sarah Parker 84%
  • Grade 6: Hollie Crooks 81%
  • Grade 7: Olivia Hunter  83%

Another special congratulations to Katy Russell, Isabelle Evans, and Zoe Young for being awarded their Grade 8 from the RAD which completes their study of the syllabus!

We now have to await the reports, certificates and medals but the students have already begun progressing through their new grades. They are all especially very well deserved this session! If you have not yet received your results, please email us.

We were unable to schedule a Winter exam session due to conitnued restrictions but hope to hold our next exam session in Spring 2021.

We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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