Exam results for Spring 2019

Exam results for Spring 2019

We had our biggest ever exam session in March 2019 with excellent results!

We had 341 candidates enter for ballet, tap and acrobatics exams from the first levels up to advanced levels, and we are VERY proud of all their hard work and progress. This was our largest exam session ever, with the previous largest session in March 2017 having 292 candidates. Many thanks and congratulations to the CSBS staff who managed to coordinate and manage such a busy schedule of examinations.

RAD Ballet exam results

We entered 195 students for ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance; 1 gained Pass, 79 gained a Merit, 51 gained Distinction, and 57 received their Class Award, (there were also 7 absentees). We have special congratulations for the 46 Pre-Primary candidates on sitting their first exam, and also to our 8 Vocational candidates.

Our Primary Grade candidates were particularly strong this session, and we have a special mention for the Linlithgow class and their teacher Sammy Clark, as EVERY one of them gained Distinction! Our marks for the higher grades (3-5 and IF) are lower than we had anticipated, so we will be looking closely at the reports to ensure we raise the standard over the coming year.

We have a special mention for the candidates who gained over 80% for their Distinctions:

  • Primary: Alexandra Craib 88%; Eva McGeachie 84%; Cristen Murray 87%; Jessica Stein 89%; Charlie Fleming 98%; Amelia McDonagh 82%; Eva Morgan 89%; Floraidh Robinson 85%; Lucy Ross 83%; Holly Sodergren 85%;  Kieron Anglin 83%; Evan Steel 82%; Murray Leitch 84%; Miren McPaul 88%; Roan Ogilvie 89%; Chloe Yates 81%
  • Grade 1: Rachel Higgins 87%; Iona Macleod 85%; Aesha Heron 80%; Amy Meichan 84%
  • Grade 2: Rachel Dagger 87%; Shae McWilliams 86%; Chloe Murray 82%; Jill Russell 91% 
  • Grade 6: Olivia Hunter 80%
  • Grade 7: Sarah Leslie85%; Katy Russell 82% 

We had 9 boys sitting their Primary Grade ballet exam and they all gained Distinction! Well done boys!

ISTD Tap exams

We had 54 candidates for ISTD tap exams. Overall they gained 2 Unsuccessful, 1 Pass, 26 Merit, and 23 Distinctions (and 2 absentees). We were disappointed to have two students unsuccessful in their exam this session; they just missed the pass mark in their challenging vocational level exam, however, we were very proud of the effort they had put in and their positive attitude on receiving their results. 

We have a special mention for candidates gaining over 80% for their Distinction...

  • Grade 1: Nethuki Perera 81%; Elsa Murphy Helley 90%; Priya Small 84%; Ruby Grant 82%; Charlotte Marr 85%
  • Grade 2: Charlotte Casey 84%; Rachel Dagger 90%; Eva Inglis 86%; emma Craib 80%; Libby Hardie 83%; Maisie Pandian 80%; Isabelle Kay 84%; Ellie Withnell 87%; Jenna Buchanan 80%; Marilena Lalou 80%; Kirsty Taylor 86%
  • Grade 3: Megan Wansbrough 80%; Grace Hendry 91%
  • Grade 4: Hollie Crooks 81%; Laura cummings 86%; Ailey Meikle 85%; Ailish Ogilvie 80%
  • Intermediate: Katy Russell 80%
Acrobatics Medal Tests and Awards

Ninety-two students entered their acrobatics exams at all levels including 25 little First Steps candidates right up to 1 British Medallion and 2 British Awards! The acrobatics exams do not have a points system but receive Pass, Commended or Hightly Commended. We are delighted that overall the students gained 71 Highly Commended (the top band) and 21 gained Commended! We have a special shout out to teacher Hayley for the success of her first ever exam candidates.

You can view a full gallery of photos of all our ballet and tap exam candidates or of our acrobatics exam candidates on our CSBS Facebook page. Our next exam day is in June, only a few days after our dance displays! 

If you have not yet received your ballet or tap exam results, please contact us. The certificates, reports and medals should arrive in May and will be distributed in class time. You can view a gallery of photos of the students with their awards as they arrive over the coming weeks.

We strive to meet the following objectives:

Promoting dance excellence

A range of venues

Our venues include: South Queensferry, Linlithgow, Falkirk Braes, Grangemouth,

Encouraging participation

At every age and level, our dance pupils are encouraged to attend, spectate and participate in a variety of dance events to enhance their experience of dance.

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